Unique sterling silver pirate skull ring with mother of pearl black stone.

The ring is polish and the stoned setting by hand.

Mother of Pearl has a calming effect when you wear it.

It will reduce your stress and your feelings of aggressiveness.

It will also give you clearer thoughts and facilitate better expression.

It’s an influential stone that will activate your solar plexus and throat chakras. It will work to send out the wisdom of the heart to the people around you.

We use the A grade sterling silver to produce this beautiful ring .

Production is made with high skilled hands for casting and polishing process

The skull silver ring have sizes 8  to  12

Please check the size before placing the order to have it fit to your finger .


The idea behind our jewelry collections is to give handmade jewelry that are most fashionable and stylish ,

The bracelet will be easy to wear and easy to take off  and will be affordable to every pocket …

How we do it ?

we are keeping track with showrooms in Paris, Tokyo and New York and for the latest styles

Then using the fashion tips that we got and  use them to make our next collection that will be the next best thing all over the world

We produce our own silver and brass materials so we can know that the materials are in the best quality and not mixed with nickel and lead

All the assembling process is done in our work shop as well


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